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Switching energy suppliers

About Switching

Read on to find out how to use the website to switch energy providers.  We’ve also added information on the switching process, including how long you can expect to wait for your new supplier to begin your service and how to find a greener energy provider.

•    How do I use the site?

•    Why should I switch?

•    What happens when I switch?

•    Do I need to contact my old supplier?

•    Do you list all suppliers?

•    What are all these different tariffs?

•    Are your prices up to date?

How do I use the site?

With great ease! Finding a new supplier with didyouhear.co.uk is incredibly simple and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Answer a few basic questions. To tailor your search to your individual needs you need to tell us a little about your gas and electricity usage, such as how much energy you use, how much you spend and how you would like to pay your bills (it may help if you have an old bill to hand, but don’t worry if you can’t find one).

You will be shown the tariff from the company with the best value and service (as awarded by Moneywise Home Fiance Awards 2014.

And switch!

Why should I switch?

Since the energy supply market was deregulated, there has been intense competition by energy companies offering a variety of tariffs and deals. However, millions of us are yet to take advantage of this, and are still paying over the odds for our energy. By comparing our partners tariffs you could switch to a provider which offers the best service, and the best value.

It’s a simple process, only takes a few minutes and could save you hundreds of pounds.

What happens when I switch?

You will need to provide us with some basic details to process your switch application. Your new supplier who will arrange the switch. You will be sent an email to confirm the details of the switch and a contact point for your new supplier.

Within a month you should be given a supply transfer date by your new supplier.  On this day you should take a meter reading and submit it to your new supplier - this will be passed onto your old supplier so that they can arrange your final bill. Your new supplier will organise the entire transfer process.  You do not need to contact your old supplier and there will be no interruption to your gas or electricity supply.ty supply.

The only changes that you will notice will be a lower bill and/or improved customer service from your new supplier.

Do I need to contact my old supplier?

You should, however, ensure that your new energy provider receives a final meter reading from you so that they can organise a final bill with your old supplier. supplier.

There is no need to change any meters, wires or pipes – your new supplier uses the same equipment as your old one.

No, as our partners offer you the best value and service. It is of cause your choice whether you decide to partake of such.

Are your prices up to date?

Completely - we continually monitor the market, checking with suppliers on a regular basis.  This means that we can always provide you with the latest up-to-the-minute information based on the most comprehensive data available.

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