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About didyouhear.co.uk

About Did You Hear

This page gives you information on didyouhear.co.uk, including details of what services we provide and how we are financed.

•    Who are we?

•    How do we make money?

•    How do we calculate energy prices?

•    How does the calculating tool work?

•    I don't know my current spend - can I still use the calculator?

•    Are your results impartial?

•    Why should I use didyouhear.co.uk?

Who are we?

didyouhear.co.uk represents one of Britain’s discount clubs.  Our service is to provide access to the UK’s best value energy and telecoms providers, meaning you can make the right choice quickly and easily.

Our partners are Ofgem (www.ofgem.gov.uk) regulated therby giving you a service you can trust.

How does didyouhear.co.uk make money?

didyouhear.co.uk offers a completely free and independent service to the best value gas and electricity prices of all suppliers in the UK, allowing you to choose the right tariff for you at the best available rates.

Like all electricity and gas price comparison services, didyouhear.co.uk receives an introduction fee from your new supplier for finding them a customer. The commission that we receive does not affect the service we give to you – you can choose whether to switch supplier best on the information we provide.

How do we calculate energy prices?

didyouhear.co.uk partners conduct regular checks of all the tariffs provided by UK energy firms to ensure you have the most up to date information when considering a change of gas or electricity supplier.  .

How does the calculator work?

In many cases the prices we offer will be the best for you

Finding the right tariff on your own can be a lengthy and time consuming process, but with didyouhear.co.uk this can be reduced to just a few minutes.

I don't know my current spend - can I still use the calculator?

Yes, of course. There is an option for customers who don't know their exact spend - just select how many bedroom and people living in your property  on the input screen of the tariff calculator. Your usage will roughly equate to the size of your property: small flats are generally low users, larger flats and houses are medium users and large houses are high users. If you only use gas for cooking you should enter low user for gas.

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